Vocab for Marketers: What is Connected TV (CTV)?

what is CTV


Connected TV (CTV) advertising is a term used in the marketing world that refers to ad placements available on smart TVs and streaming services. 

How Marketers Use CTV Advertising

Marketers use CTV ads to connect with potential customers who utilize streaming services. While these ads are top-of-funnel and focused on brand awareness, they deliver a unique, full-screen experience that can often position a brand in a more prestigious light than YouTube due to its exclusivity. CTV ad impressions are more affordable compared to linear TV ads, as advertisers don’t need to allocate a large upfront investment; a drastic example would be placing a Super Bowl ad compared to a local TV ad. 

The most common video length is 15 and 30 seconds. Other lengths are allowed, but they can significantly limit the number of potential placements. 
The two most common CTV ad placements are pre-roll and in-stream: 

  • Pre-roll ads are played just before a streaming video 
  • In-stream ads display when you’re in the middle of watching video content

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