Why Choose Us

There are a plethora of digital agencies in the marketplace for you to choose from. Here are 8 reasons why Omnitail is the best choice:

Our Mission:

Our number one goal is to offer greater accountability and performance for our clients. Our industry suffers from a lack of accountability and integrity among agencies and vendors. We aim to change this trend by teaching our clients to measure success through profit, rather than just revenue or efficiency.

Operating Profit:

Operating Profit is our core KPI. It is not possible to optimize for the perfect balance of revenue and efficiency utilizing traditional KPIs such as ROAS, A/S, or CPO/CPA. Profit is the only KPI that accounts for both efficiency and sales volume in one metric. We incorporate measures of COGS, VOH (variable overhead) and merchandise return rate (MRR) in our bid optimization process. In many cases, we also integrate customer lifetime value (CLTV) and other business assumptions, such as offline sales, into our process.

PLA Strategy:

We are the only agency with a scalable, automated approach to targeting search queries within PLA channels. Our approach enables our clients to maximize investment to long-tail, product-specific queries which tend to yield the strongest ROI, while minimizing spend to less effective, upper-funnel terms.

Multiple Attribution Models:

A consumer can interact with your business through multiple channels prior to purchase. Rather than define a single attribution model for crediting sales to a channel, we always report on a minimum of two attribution models ranging from conservative to generous. Businesses with many paid marketing channels may choose to be lean and optimize towards a conservative attribution model, while those with fewer marketing channels may prefer to optimize ad spend against a more generous attribution model. There is no single approach to attribution modeling that fits every business, so rather than force clients to adopt a universal attribution model, we help them find one that suits their needs.

Database Marketing:

Would you be willing to increase your tolerance for customer acquisition cost (CAC) if customers acquired through specific channels or product categories were more likely to repurchase from you? We have found that many retailers optimize their marketing channels for the short-term e.g. the value of the first order from a customer. For businesses with a high repurchase rate, optimizing for a long-term customer value may be more appropriate, helping them to grow at an accelerated rate.

”Hands On” Approach Enhanced Through Automation:

We deliver incremental value to our clients by combining the managerial expertise of our analysts with our proprietary in-house tools. An overreliance on either may prevent an account from ever reaching its full potential.

Employee Compensation:

Client success is a compensation factor for 100% of our employees. Our entire staff is aligned and financially motivated to help you succeed.

Pricing & Terms:

We offer favorable month-to-month terms, no setup fees, and a flat monthly rate that will never increase.