Ask a Marketer: Are Reddit Ads Worth it for eComm Brands?

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In my opinion, there are times when advertising on Reddit can be valuable for an eCommerce brand, but its success depends on several factors. For example, if you’re a niche brand with a dedicated following, Reddit Ads might work out well for you.

But should you still take the jump into advertising on Reddit if you’re an eCommerce brand? Let’s discuss some of the challenges and benefits to consider before you move forward.

Challenges of Advertising on Reddit

Community Sensitivity. Reddit users can be wary of overt ads and critical of brands that don’t fit naturally into the community. For example, if you’re an eco-friendly skincare brand, post authentically in subreddits like r/sustainable to avoid backlash.

Learning Curve. Navigating Reddit’s culture takes time. What works on one subreddit might not work on another. For example, a casual ad might perform well on r/BeautyGuruChatter, but fail on r/SkincareAddiction, which prefers detailed content.

Measurements of Success. Tracking Reddit Ads ROI can be challenging. For example, if advertising on r/SkincareAddiction, you’ll need to master Reddit’s analytics tools to measure conversions, which is more complex than on platforms like Meta.

Ad Approval Process. Reddit’s strict ad approval can cause delays. For example, promoting an acne treatment might require multiple revisions to meet health claims guidelines, delaying your campaign.

Benefits of Advertising on Reddit

Targeted Audience. Reddit’s specific subreddits allow precise targeting. For example, advertising vegan skincare products on r/VeganBeauty or r/SkincareAddicts reaches passionate skincare enthusiasts.

Engaged Users. Reddit users are highly engaged. For example, posting anti-aging skincare products on r/SkincareAddiction can spark detailed discussions, reviews, and potential viral word-of-mouth marketing.

Diverse Ad Formats. Reddit offers various ad formats like sponsored posts and video ads. For example, use video ads for a skincare product launch on relevant subreddits to capture attention and show exactly how the product is used to gain trust.

Cost Effectiveness. Reddit Ads can be more affordable when compared to Meta or other paid social channels. For example, targeting r/SkincareAddiction or r/AsianBeauty for a small skincare brand can yield a lower eCPM and CPCs than broader paid social platforms.

Reddit Shopping Ads

Reddit Shopping Ads allow eCommerce businesses to promote products directly to users browsing relevant subreddits. By engaging niche communities ready to buy, you can diversify your reach and activate ads quickly using the Catalog Sales Objective feature. Need help managing your Reddit Ads? Contact us today and let our experts guide the way.

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