Ask a Marketer: What Are Key Events in GA4?

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Google continues to make frequent updates to their digital marketing platforms—ranging from small user interface changes to significant user experience “optimizations.” One such larger update in GA4 is that of key events, formally known as conversions. In short, “key events” and “conversions” are the same thing with a new label.

Why Did Google Make This Change?

According to Google, the change from calling GA4 conversion actions “conversions” to “key events” is meant to differentiate “conversions” in Google Ads from “conversions” in GA4. Make sense? From this long-time digital marketer’s perspective: Not really; it only causes more confusion.

However, Google emphasized this change represents more than just a new label; apparently, it’s a shift in focus from simply tracking outcomes to comprehensively understanding the entire user journey. 

Regardless of what it’s called, a conversion is a conversion—a desired end result that is measurable and reportable. Need help navigating your eCommerce reporting? Reach out to our team—we stay updated with the latest changes and can guide you through.

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