Ask a Marketer: YouTube Shorts vs TikTok—What’s the Difference?

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Since TikTok’s rise in popularity, short-form video has dominated the social media landscape. YouTube answered this call with their own short-form video content: YouTube Shorts. But what’s the difference between YouTube Shorts and TikTok—are the content and strategy basically the same? Spoiler alert: They’re not. 

Let’s dive into the key differences so you can create standout content and engage with your audience effectively—regardless of which platform you’re using.

Video platform differences
YouTube Shorts is a feature within YouTube, while TikTok is a standalone app dedicated entirely to short-form video content.

Video length variations
YouTube Shorts allows for videos that are between 15 seconds and 60 seconds long. TikTok, on the other hand, lets you upload videos that are up to 10 minutes in length. However, the sweet spot for popular TikTok content is around 3 minutes or less, and 30 seconds for YouTube Shorts.

Audience distinctions 
With YouTube Shorts, you’re reaching YouTube’s existing and diverse audience. On TikTok, you’re mainly catering to a younger crowd (Millennials and Gen Z)—though older audiences are growing on the platform, so you can occasionally reach them, depending on your product and messaging.

Content discovery deviations
Finding content on YouTube Shorts is easy because it’s part of Google’s ecosystem, so you can leverage existing YouTube subscribers and search. On TikTok, content discovery is all about the platform’s algorithm and puts a big focus on challenges and trending videos.

Editing contrasts
For YouTube Shorts, you can use basic editing tools like YouTube Studio, CapCut, Filmora, Adobe Premiere Rush, and more. While you can edit videos the same way for TikTok, you can also opt to use the app’s native editing tools, effects, filters, and a huge library of music and sounds.

Monetization differences
Monetization from YouTube Shorts may soon provide potential revenue from ads, like with traditional YouTube videos. TikTok, on the flip side, lets you make money through brand partnerships, live streams, and in-app purchases.

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