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Strategically managing resources and knowing when to invest or pull back is vital for any business’s well-being. This is particularly crucial when collaborating with a paid advertising company to fuel your brand growth. But how can you determine what aligns with your goals and what doesn’t? This is where a marketing strategist can step in to assist.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the role of a marketing strategist, the advantages of partnering with an agency that offers this level of expertise, and explore how your contribution margin will benefit.

The Marketing Strategist's Role in Campaign Optimization

The Marketing Strategist’s Role in Campaign Optimization

Marketing strategists are like the grandmasters of marketing. They dedicate their time to researching, analyzing, developing, and communicating strategic plans. But who exactly is this person at a digital marketing agency? This role is typically a senior team member who has expertise in all digital marketing areas and can envision how each managed channel—regardless if a customer is currently contracted for it or not—can work together to improve a customer’s campaign performance and overall bottom line.

Partnering with a digital marketing strategist means you’re opening the door to a higher level of ad campaign optimization by leveraging their expertise to achieve broader business objectives. We’ll illustrate this with an example.

Imagine you’re an established eCommerce company looking to expand your reach. You believe venturing into paid social could boost your contribution margin, but you’re not clear on how it would align with your business objectives. The paid advertising company you’re partnered with already runs your paid search, so it just makes sense to inquire about their paid social advertising capabilities.

You reach out and they connect you with their marketing strategist, which kicks off a conversation to best understand your request, revised business goals, and what you’re hoping to get out of adding the new channel. The strategist starts by clarifying the differences among paid social, paid search, and other paid media outlets, and provides their expertise as to  whether this marketing channel aligns with your business goals and ad budget.

Advantages of Partnering With a Paid Advertising Company’s Strategist

Advantages of Partnering With a Paid Advertising Company’s Strategist 

Having a marketing strategist by your side ensures clear communication between the paid advertising company and your business. Together, you embark on a journey to uncover which digital marketing strategies have worked in the past and pinpoint areas needing more attention to better achieve your business goals. Here are some advantages you’ll experience when you partner with a digital marketing agency that has this level of expertise at the ready:

  • A personalized approach: A strategist’s goal is to get to know your brand and profitability goals. They take the time to work with you one-on-one or with your entire team to listen to your concerns, understand your business objectives, address any revised goals, and answer your questions. An agency’s marketing strategist is truly a resource for your team to use to take your performance to the next level.

  • Coordinated marketing efforts: When you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to find out if your profitability aspirations are attainable, the marketing strategist steps in to help align your marketing efforts. They’ll work internally to ensure all service arms are sharing valuable information that will help your business grow.

  • Protected company time: If you’re a business owner or wear many hats, your time is limited. Marketing strategists help alleviate this burden by suggesting tailored tools, software, third-party partnerships, or services their agency provides to streamline processes and save time.

  • Understanding of the market: Marketing strategists are extremely resourceful; they’ve done the heavy lifting of analyzing market trends, consumer behavior, and business objectives and have years of experience guiding businesses into new markets—and expanding their reach within their current market. Their understanding and expertise can guide you to scale your business.
How a Marketing Strategist Helps Campaign Optimization & Profitability

How a Marketing Strategist Helps Campaign Optimization & Profitability

Like a great round of Tetris, a marketing strategist carefully analyzes data, market trends, and pain points to plan deliberate moves and determine the optimal course of growth for your business. Their ability to analyze campaigns, accounts, and cross-channel marketing efforts from a metaphorical 30,000-foot view enables this type of expert to find long-term opportunities and scale your brand efficiently. 

A marketing strategist also looks to the future realistically. They know your goal is to maximize profitability, and will let you know if an idea or channel isn’t ideal for your goals and why. This collective approach helps maximize your contribution margin and path for growth. 

For example: Before you venture into upper-funnel tactics like paid social or programmatic, your strategist may advise that you make sure your ideal customer profile (ICP) and/or buyer personas are solid. From there, they can help identify which channels can most effectively reach those audiences and at which stages of their buying journey. This will in turn help your agency to develop and execute campaigns and account updates to ensure your ads reach the right shoppers. 

Driving profitability and growth are the main goals for every eCommerce business—and a marketing strategist knows this. They focus on capitalizing on opportunities and refining
campaign optimizations to ensure that every dollar is spent wisely.

The Omnitail Difference

Our number one goal is to provide greater accountability and performance to our customers. We strongly believe that the digital marketing strategies we use to increase traffic, improve campaign monetization, and boost contribution margin allow our eCommerce customers to experience continuous, sustainable growth. 

We pride ourselves on working closely with each customer to find the best approach to fit their specific business needs. Measuring success through metrics like operating profit, not just ROAS, equals greater accountability, integrity, and honesty—and that’s what Omnitail is all about. Learn more about the power of trust in the customer-paid advertising company relationship.

Maximizing Your Contribution Margin With a Strategist

When you’re ready to boost your contribution margin with a tailored marketing strategy, our paid advertising company is here to help. We have seasoned marketing strategists at the ready who have a deep knowledge and understanding of the market and digital marketing channels. Give us a shout today to learn more.

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