Ask a Marketer: Deliverable vs Ad—What’s the Difference?

deliverable vs ad - ask a marketer

We use our expertise to answer this question.

We define a deliverable as the individual creative assets developed for marketing campaigns. Once created, they can be sent to our customer’s internal team or to an Omnitail account manager. When we refer to deliverables, we’re talking about assets like:

  • Static graphics or images
  • Motion graphics or animations
  • Videos
  • Banners
  • Static display ads
  • Landing pages
  • Other visual content

An ad, on the other hand, is the finished product. But, there is a caveat—ads can also be deliverables. For example, ad placements come in different sizes because they have to be placed on varying platforms. Each ad, whether it be a square, banner, or skyscraper, is an individual deliverable (or asset) that lives under the same ad.

Here’s a visual example to drive the point home:

deliverable vs ad

Once finalized, the ads can be placed across a wide range of platforms including:

  • Search engines (like Google)
  • Social media (like Facebook)
  • Video platforms (like YouTube)
  • eCommerce platforms (like Amazon)
  • Streaming services (like Hulu)
  • Publication websites (like Better Homes & Gardens)
  • And many, many others

When you’re searching for a way to grow your business, consider our experienced Creative Services team. We utilize creative as a driving force of your campaigns’ success, and we’re committed to making your ads work for your bottom line with data-driven strategies. Contact us today for more information.

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