Digital Marketing Round-Up February 2024

Learn about the latest changes, updates, and industry trends in eCommerce marketing

Welcome to our February Digital Marketing News Round-Up! Each month, the Omnitail team discusses some of the top updates in eCommerce and digital marketing. We highlight upcoming changes, industry trends, and more.

This month, we dive into current industry news that caught our attention, like Instacart rolling out off-platform Google Shopping Ads for consumer packaged goods (CPG) partners, U.S. consumers preferring AI-generated content, why companies have embraced rebrands, and more. Here’s our breakdown: 


Instacart rolls out off-platform Google Shopping ads for CPG partners 

Google Shopping ads are now available for Instacart’s consumer packaged goods (CPG) advertising partners, which means shoppers can now engage with Instacart ads for participating brands while browsing Google. Some well-known brands participating include Kraft, Lunchables, Oscar Mayer, and more.    

The displayed ads are product-focused and highlight same-day delivery. Because they are tapping into Instacart’s first-party data, marketers can more easily connect with high-intent shoppers who are searching Google. 

Why is this important? This new feature gives advertisers a chance to broaden their reach with high-value customers, which may increase instantaneous conversions and—unfortunately—also cost-per-click (CPC). Learn more about how these ads work here.

Google Ads moves reports to new location in latest UI update

For a small number of accounts, the report menu in Google Ads has been moved to a new location under “insights and reports.” Google states this move will make it easier for users to find all their performance reports in one place.

This UI update is currently in beta testing for Manager Accounts and will roll out slowly throughout 2024 without impacting functionality. It was designed to improve workflow organization and streamline accessibility. 

Why is this important? It’s important for marketers to be aware of any changes within Google Ads so they can make adjustments and continue to manage their accounts effectively. This is just the latest phase of a large UI update that began in June 2023. So, next time you’re working in your Google Ads account, do a quick sweep of your frequently-used tools to see if they’ve moved to a new location. Learn more about this UI update here.

Google advertisers are confused between support and sales–Search Engine Land asked for clarification

Advertisers have become increasingly concerned about the decline in Google support, despite constant contact from Google representatives. As a result, Google is facing the pressing need to clearly delineate the boundaries between “sales” and “support.”

The confusion may be happening due to overlapping responsibilities between departments. For example, Google sales reps not only focus on selling advertising, but also assist (i.e. support) advertisers in reporting any issues they encounter. 

While it’s not extremely detailed, here is a quick breakdown of Google sales and support functions:

  • Google sales reaches out to discuss new solutions, products, and features
  • Google support aids in troubleshooting technical issues

Why does this matter? It’s crucial for Google advertisers to be able to clearly differentiate between support and sales channels to ensure they know where to seek assistance for their accounts. Learn more about the difference between Google support and sales here.


Humans prefer AI-generated copy, survey finds

A survey of 700 U.S. consumers revealed their preference for AI-generated copy over human-written content. However, the “winning” AI-generated content required a few additional detailed prompts to achieve this outcome.

The survey indicated that while AI-generated content holds value, it’s unwise to solely depend on it for crafting high-quality copy. Even though these are the results from this specific survey, we still don’t know if this will translate into tangible performance metrics like traffic, leads, revenue, rankings, or engagement.

Why is this important? Although the AI-generated copy was favored in this recent survey, as marketers, we should examine why it resonated and adjust our content creation to better meet the needs and preferences of our audience while still keeping performance in mind. Learn more about AI-generated content and the conducted survey here.

How to protect against and benefit from generative AI hallucinations

As marketers integrate AI programs like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Microsoft Co-Pilot, and Meta AI into their daily workflows, it’s crucial to be mindful of the flaws inherent in these systems, including the phenomenon known as AI “hallucinations.”

AI algorithms produce output based on what they have learned. So, if the algorithm hasn’t been trained to answer some human-entered prompt, an AI hallucination is often the resulting output—an inaccurate or nonsensical result.

Why does this matter? While AI tools can offer valuable insights, they shouldn’t be heavily relied upon for 100% accurate information. Marketers transitioning to an AI-friendly environment should view AI as a tool and utilize it with a healthy dose of skepticism. Discover more about AI hallucinations here

2023 Was The Year of the Rebrand: Why Companies Are Embracing Change

Companies across industries are embracing “the call of a rebrand.” The key drivers seem to be necessity and opportunity. A few big companies that went through rebrands in 2023 include the US Army, Jell-O, Johnson & Johnson, Burberry, Reddit, and many others.

From leadership changes, shifts in products or services, and mergers, many companies have needed to adapt and shift. A strategic rebrand can refresh a brand’s identity, communicate their changing values, and attract new customers.

Why is this important? If you’re a marketer wondering if it’s time to refresh your brand, now may be the time. The eCommerce industry as we know it is shifting and adapting to changing customer needs. Learn more about company rebrands here

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