Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency, Ask These 8 Questions [Infographic]

Looking to hire a digital marketing agency? You’ve heard the sales spiels, read the slide decks, found reviews online, and you’ve done your research. But when it comes down to the wire, how can you truly tell that your next marketing agency is trustworthy? Their website promises big results—but is is there a way to validate those claims?

Using these 8 questions, you can uncover whether or not your next digital marketing agency is working in your best interests. Don’t skip asking these questions! It’s all here in this quick infographic:

We hope these questions help you find you hire a digital marketing agency! For a deep-dive into vetting a marketing agency, we made an ebook: How to Choose a Good PPC Agency. In it we’ll cover, how to research an agency before hand, red-flags to look for, and how to determine whether or not they add value to your business.

If you’re currently working with an agency and wondering if they’re a good fit for you, check out our blog: Who Profits Off Your Paid Search Ads? This blog will help you ensure that your agency isn’t making more money off your ads than you are. We will walkthrough a real life example and show you how to do the same calculations yourself!

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