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Finding a Trustworthy Marketing Agency

Finding a marketing agency you can trust is hard work! We know that, in part, because Omnitail was founded as a response to the lack of integrity in the digital marketing industry. (And we’re not alone in thinking this – research indicates less than 10% of brands are satisfied with their agency!)

So how do you identify a trustworthy digital marketing agency? There are a few signs that can help you decipher whether an agency will be looking out for your interests – or for their own. We’ve put together an all-in-one guide with six key tenets: added value, transition to fulfillment, expert knowledge, software, experience, and pricing and ROI. How an agency responds to or utilizes these tenets draws the line between digital marketing agencies you can trust – and those you can’t. You can use it throughout the decision process to help you know which questions to ask in the discovery process, and to give you an idea of what you should expect before signing a contract.

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