Ask a Marketer: How Does Google Quietly Increasing Ad Prices Impact Digital Marketers?

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The answer? It confirms how Google grows advertisers spend for their own gain.

Earlier in September, Google
admitted to altering advertising auctions to meet revenue targets. Manipulating the auction to inflate advertiser spending for the benefit of Google’s own revenue is, in my opinion, dishonest and predatory. We have felt for many years that Google’s actions have become increasingly predatory, with an emphasis on growing advertiser spend with Google ahead of results and value for the advertiser. This admission from Google simply confirms it is intentional and has been occurring for a long time. 

As advertisers continue to be pushed toward shiny new automations, AI, and campaign types that revoke control, remember that these products may not necessarily result in the best outcome for the advertiser, but rather, the ad platform. We recommend testing for incremental value from these products and monitoring them as their functionality and performance may change over time.

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