How does Omnitail keep us informed about the progress & results of our marketing efforts?

We use our expertise to answer your question.

From regular updates to comprehensive reports, our approach ensures that our customers are not just clients, but informed partners throughout their time with us. Here are the ways we keep you updated on our combined marketing progress and results.

  1. We believe there is nothing more important to the success of our business relationship with you than starting out right. Your initial onboarding process begins with a collaborative kickoff call where you meet your entire account support team, ask questions, give direction, and ensure all expectations are understood and agreed upon. 

    From that point forward, until all of your campaigns have been built and launched, your account owner will continuously keep you updated on the progress and results every couple of days
    until your full KPI report is built.


  2. We provide a custom-built KPI report, which connects all your profitability reporting metrics comprehensively. We believe in true transparency, so we will never skew your resultsbut rather we look at the true numbers and plan marketing strategy based on them and observable success of future profit margin trends. This report is updated regularly and shared with your team directly.


  3. We don’t believe in letting the system run itself. As your marketing campaigns grow and develop, we meet with you and any necessary stakeholders on a regular basis. Campaign management success requires experienced professionals’ intuition, an eye on your business’s bottom line, and a finger on the market pulse.

Connect with us when you want a digital marketing agency that treats your eCommerce brand like our own. Our expert team prioritizes your success by managing your budget like we would our own dollars.

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