Ask a Marketer: What Marketing Resources Should I Use in 2024?

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Welcome to 2024! Are you sticking to your resolutions, or are you already looking for the next best thing? 

One resolution I always give myself is to stay on top of the latest and greatest in marketing—which is easier said than done. As a seasoned marketer who started her career before Facebook was an accepted form of brand promotion and communication, I’ve seen publications and conferences come and go, martech start and fail. That begs the question: What reliable resources should marketers use this year?

The way I prefer to consume information changes day-to-day. Here is a short list of my go-to marketing resources that never fail.

1. The HubSpot Blog
I’ve been a HubSpot fan (and user) for years. They are a shining star when it comes to offering free sales and marketing resources, templates, and content. Because of the sheer amount of thoughtful, relevant content they publish, HubSpot’s blog is broken into several blogs to make it easier to find the desired content topic:

2. Search Engine Land
Don’t be deceived by its name. This publication is a trusted staple in my resource library because of its mix of factual news and editorials that span all digital marketing topics—not just search engine marketing. Search Engine Land (SEL) also offers amazing events, like webinars and conferences, which are great for both information gathering and networking.

3. Viral Scoops
For busy marketers, time is of the essence. Viral Scoops is a daily email newsletter that delivers short, focused marketing news and insights. In just a few minutes, I can “hear” the latest chatter and read the newest headlines related to marketing tech, strategies, and companies. Over the years, I’ve subscribed to a myriad of newsletters; but I can honestly say Viral Scoops gives me just the right amount of information I need in a way that’s quick and easy to consume.

4. Udemy
The availability of online learning has become a necessity in our remote, digital age. I’ve found Udemy to be the global mothership of courses, as it offers continuous education (in multiple languages) for any role or function in marketing. Need a refresher on Adobe Illustrator? Udemy has hundreds of courses to choose from. Looking for a crash course on GA4? Udemy has it. Udemy is a newer resource in my go-to list, but my team (and myself) have found it extremely helpful in learning new skills and refreshing old ones.

5. The Omnitail Website
Biases aside, our website is a treasure trove of amazing marketing resources. We offer eBooks, white papers, infographics, videos, and a ton of blog posts (both short and long) that keep marketers and eCommerce professionals up to date on the latest in paid search, conversion rate optimization, paid social advertising, and more.

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