How to Build Profitable Remarketing Campaigns [Infographic]

“Remarketing campaigns” conjures up an image of spammy banner ads and flashy pop-ups. You might think efforts like these to reach people who are already familiar with your business are pointless. Worse, they could even drive people who are annoyed by your ads away from your products.

Surprise! Research shows consumers don’t find these ads as obnoxious as you might think. In fact, 9 out of 10 marketers say remarketing campaigns perform as well or better than search, email, and other display campaigns.

The bottom line? A smart remarketing strategy can drive immense value for your business. You’ll need good website tracking and logical audience segmentation. Solid campaigns and a profit-driven bidding strategy are also a must! If you can put all the pieces together – your campaigns will drive sales and revenue.

We’ve developed a system for building, managing, and optimizing remarketing campaigns to create maximum profit. Now, you can learn how to put your products in front of the people who are most likely to convert!

Check out our visual guide to a profitable remarketing strategy!

You’ll Learn About Remarketing Campaigns and…

How to ensure your site is ready for remarketing; 

Why dynamic remarketing improves your conversion rate;

How to properly segment your website visitors into audiences; and  

The proven way to manage profitable remarketing campaigns!

Ready to get more in-depth? Read our ebook— Remarketing with Google Ads: An Advanced Practitioner’s Guide. 


Sydney is a Marketing Specialist at Omnitail. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from George Mason University. Sydney enjoys working on a variety of design projects and and staying up to date with digital marketing trends.

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