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In This Video, We Cover…

How solid keyword strategy can help drive relevant traffic;

Guidelines for creating quality Google-compliant ads; 

 Ways to improve your landing pages to help drive sales; and

How to combine these methods and more to improve your ecommerce conversion rate!



Ready to Upgrade Your Shopping Campaigns?

More Sales, More Revenue : Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

A common question from ecommerce business owners is this: What’s a good ecommerce conversion rate? Depending upon your industry, the answer can vary widely. Some businesses (like those in food and beverage) average under 1%, while others (i.e., crafting or hobby companies) see conversion rates above 3%. Even then, these rates usually represent a range —and they may not represent your business accurately! Instead of managing to an arbitrary benchmark, start with your business and your metrics. Focus on ways to boost your ecommerce conversion rate!

In the video below, you’ll learn how to evaluate your current PPC ads for both quality and relevance. We’ll also show you how to devise a keyword strategy that prioritizes relevant searches and attract customers who are most likely to convert! Finally, we’ll explore some ways in which you can update your landing pages to encourage visitors to purchase.

Watch the video below and improve your ecommerce conversion rate today!

Optimize Your Google Shopping Campaigns

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