Don’t spend money on search terms that won’t convert.

Using your sales and query data we segment your search terms into 3 categories: generic, qualified, and item-specific terms. Other agencies bid the same amount for all of these categories, resulting in wasted ad spend. Using our strategy, we lower bids on generic terms and bid more aggressively on item-specific terms— maximizing impressions and dominating the market.
Time and time again, this strategy has radically increased profit for our clients with little change to total media spend.

Our 3 Part Strategy



Great campaigns begin with great data. We take every client’s product feed through a 6-phase, 77-step data feed optimization process, revising feed attributes to ensure optimal performance. With in-house tools, we automatically add new products in the feed to the account structure, so every product has a chance to succeed!



At Omnitail, we manage your account’s bids according to operating profit—the only metric that accounts for both efficiency and sales volume. We take into account your cost of goods and other variable overhead, strategically driving spend toward the campaigns and ad groups that provide the most incremental profit for you!



We believe our industry suffers from a lack of transparency and accountability —especially when it comes to reporting. That’s why we always look at your account using at least two attribution models (conservative and generous) — so you can track the full impact of your campaigns’ performance.

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Explore Omnitail’s Google Shopping strategy in-depth, and learn how to segment by query intent and why this method works better than other traditional PLA strategies. See our strategy in action, using anonymized data and real examples!

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