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How do you measure sales accurately if most sales take place online?

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Online businesses are growing – but they haven’t entirely replaced offline conversions. One marketing analytics company estimated that by 2020, 169 billion calls will be made from mobile devices to businesses. That’s a lot of potential sales and leads! In many cases, businesses that rely heavily on offline conversions are missing out on a potentially critical source of revenue and profit by not tracking those conversions. Likewise, businesses with long sales cycles or those who rely on lead generation need to understand which advertising is driving phone calls. So how do you measure the impact of digital advertising campaigns, when your conversions are largely not digital?

Third-party call tracking helps bridge the gap between the sales you make over the phone, and the campaigns that drive them. For businesses that rely on a lead generation model, it’s a critical tool for measuring the success of marketing efforts. It also provides business intelligence you can use to evaluate your marketing spend, determine whether it’s driving profit efficiently, and reallocate it if necessary. Ready to see how call tracking works, and discover the benefits it can provide for your business? Don’t miss this guide!

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