[Video] How to Forecast Revenue with a Square Root Model

Learn the Formula for Forecasting Revenue

If you work for a company in-house and need to project future revenue and spend—this video will help you out! At Omnitail, we use a square root model to forecast spend and revenue. 

Using this method, you will learn how to project spend for the following year. This method can also be applied on a quarterly or monthly basis. In this video, we will walk you through how we projected spend for a paid search channel for the entire year. You can also use this method at the campaign level or ad group level for a more granular forecast.

In the end you will be able to predict spend for your program—which can help you decide which products to purchase and help with future business decisions based on predicted growth and spend. Watch the video here:

For a more in-depth look at how to use the square root model, read our ebook here. 

In This Video, You'll Learn How To...

Forecast yearly, quarterly, or monthly spend;

Predict spend at the account, campaign or ad group level; 

Use the square root function in excel; and

Find out if you should pull back on spend or push spend for ads!

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