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Using real data, we’ll show you step-by-step how to implement Omnitail’s one-of-a-kind, proven method for improving your Google Shopping Campaigns. Learn the best method for query segmentation that will set you on the path towards success!

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In This E-book We’ll…

Walk you through Omnitail’s Google Shopping Strategy in-depth

Discuss the importance of the purchase decision process and how to apply it to Google Shopping

Explain how to segment by query intent and why this method works

Give you real data and examples, including the story of how one retailer increased profits 60x +

Ready to Increase Profitability Using Keyword Segmentation?

Find Success with Keyword Segmentation

Google Shopping ads provide steady growth for online retailers – and are a significant source of revenue for many. As competition for ad space heats up and CPC costs are on the rise, it’s time to adopt a more sophisticated strategy in order to remain both competitive and profitable.

At Omnitail,we have found that strategy.

While the majority of retailers (and agencies!) optimize  Google Shopping ads solely according to product group performance, we segment queries by intent for more precise control over ad spend. Combining this type of keyword segmentation with profit-based bid management drives radical increases in total profit – up to 60x in the case of one client!

We’ve compiled this industry-leading strategy into an e-book. Read on to learn the secret to Google Shopping success!

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