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Running promotions on Google Shopping? This is the guide for you.

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Troubleshoot Google Shopping Promotion issues like…

“Unmapped”, “Inconsistent Applicability”, and “Overly Restrictive” disapproval;

All shipping, promo code, and free gift related disapproval; and

“Offer Already Viewed” error and common promotion title disapprovals.

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Fix Google Shopping Promotion Disapprovals

Your Google Shopping promotion is set to start today. However, when you look at Merchant Center your promotion has been disapproved! What should you do? Don’t panic, grab Omnitail’s guide “How to Troubleshoot Google Shopping Promotions” and get to the bottom of it!

We optimize and run promotions for our clients across a variety of industries and for businesses of all sizes. Whether you run many short, small sales throughout the year or one giant promotion—we’ve seen it all; and we want to share our experience with you! In this guide, we’ll cover any error codes you might encounter, issues with mapping products, and helpful tips.

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