[Video] 5 Tips to Structure Amazon Campaigns

What's Inside

In This Video, You’ll Learn…

How to segment products according to performance;

The best way to segment keywords by user intent;

How to stay on top of adding new keywords and products;

Metrics to track other than ACOS that will boost revenue and profit!

Ready to Upgrade Your Amazon Campaigns?

Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Amazon Campaign Structure?

Work with your Amazon campaign structure—not against it. Did you know segmenting your keywords and products on Amazon can actually help qualified customers reach you easier? Qualified customers equals a higher rate of conversion too! On top of that, segmenting your products will make it easier to direct spend to top sellers and direct spend away from poor performers. It’s a win-win all around!

In this video we will share our tried-and-true Amazon tips to help you get the most out of your campaigns. We manage accounts for clients across many different industries, of all different sizes—we know what works and what doesn’t. After your campaigns have been structured correctly, then you can start pricing your products competitively.

Watch the video below to improve your Amazon campaign structure today!

Restructure Your Amazon Campaigns in Under 5 Minutes

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