Ask A Marketer: What Are Dynamic Search Ads?

what are dynamic search ads

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Dynamic search ads (DSA) are a type of Google search ad that relies on Google’s algorithm to show a combination of automatically generated headlines and advertiser-provided descriptions to drive the most relevant ad based on the user’s query. 

DSAs are “dynamic” because they change based on what a shopper searches for, and they’ll even show varying results based on the situation. All in all, these ads serve as a quick way to help marketers deliver advertisements that connect with their target audience, and they often work as a great asset to target keywords traditional search campaigns may miss. 

Dynamic search ads are especially useful for online retailers with many products, because the ads can keep up with inventory changes faster than manual responsive search ads.

There’s a caveat, though. If your site isn’t properly optimized, or if copy needs improvement, this type of campaign may not be suitable for you. It’s essential to ensure your website is up to date and has correct information before you use DSAs because these ads are created based on your current website.

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