Ask a Marketer: What Do E-commerce Brands Look For in a Marketing Agency?

The answer? Experience, stability, and empathy. Let’s explain.

1. E-commerce marketing expertise

This may sound obvious, but what makes the client think that a marketing agency just instinctively knows what they need? Why should a customer take one agency’s advice over another? How does the client know what they’re told during the sales process wasn’t just to trap them into a contract? 

How expertise is measured is different for every business decision-maker, and it’s something everyone looks for according to their own parameters. When deciding on an advertising agency, you should see if they:

  • Have a history of success with marketing e-commerce brands like yours 
  • Are able to show you a perspective you didn’t see previously 
  • Speak with confidence on the topics of strategy (i.e., business health, marketing, advertising, etc.)


2. Stability

If you’ve ever interacted with any marketing agency, you’ve probably seen a lot of change. People come in and out of agencies—and even in and out of the industry—regularly. Marketing is fast-paced and demanding, so it’s actually natural and expected that your account management will likely experience some of that movement.

The important thing here is to look for an agency partner that embraces and welcomes change, because change is necessary for growth. But as those changes happen, make sure you ask yourself: “Is the level of service consistent? Does the agency set an expectation for the level of service you will receive—no matter what happens?” This honest reflection will help you figure out if the agency changes are happening because of growth and evolution … or something else.

3. Empathy 

As an e-commerce brand, you want to know that you are not alone, which means you need to know that your marketing agency has your brand’s best interests at heart, and they understand the value of a great customer experience.

Some might call this a sense of ownership; others might call it caring, confidence, or something else entirely. But what empathy comes down to are these attributes:

  • Does this agency care about your company and the decisions you have to make every day? 
  • Do they understand the importance of what they are doing for your company? 
  • Can they see why you don’t care how many customers bought our items or products if the sale cost me more than the revenue?

Here at Omnitail, we pride ourselves on working with each customer to find the best approach to their specific needs. Measuring success through metrics like operating profit, not just ROAS, equals greater accountability, integrity, and honesty. Contact us today if you’re ready to take the leap with a marketing agency like Omnitail.

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