Ask A Marketer: Will AI Replace Branding?

We use our expertise to answer this question.

The short answer: No. 

The long answer: Anything could happen! 

We can’t predict the future, nor foresee what advancements will be made with AI 100 years from now—but there’s been a lot of buzz over the past year surrounding the rise of AI. For now, AI is a tool and resource that can help supplement creativity and streamline processes. To be clear: AI is not a replacement for human creativity. The “human touch” is what makes great branding truly great because it creates an emotional connection with the audience that AI can’t replicate.

But, as much as we love to dunk on AI, its functionality allows brand designers to work faster and more efficiently. Take for example Canva’s AI integrations. A designer might use the “Magic Design” tool to create a quick template for social media that uses brand colors and fonts, and then make tweaks or improvements to ensure that it actually reflects the company’s brand standards.

To sum up: AI can elevate efficiency, but the creative aspect of brand development and design still relies on human intuition and imagination. Just like they might use Photoshop content-aware fill, or auto-background remover tools in Canva, designers should look to AI as a tool to improve their work—not as their replacement as workers and creative minds. 

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