Ask a Marketer: What’s the Impact of Ad Targeting Without Third-Party Cookies?

third-party cookies

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The overall impact of the third-party cookie deprecation on Google Ads is minimal, especially when compared to social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. This is because most of Google spend is allocated towards search and shopping, where keyword-based bidding is mostly unaffected by third-party cookies. 

Minor inefficiencies could potentially be seen when using smart bidding strategies, as data from third-party cookies help to determine a user’s likelihood of converting on a given advertiser’s website. This gives us further reason to move away from totally automated campaigns like Performance Max.

YouTube and Google Display Network ads will feel the largest impact of the third-party cookie deprecation. While these ads are rarely considered core conversion-driving tactics, they become even more challenging to leverage as in-market audiences and affinity audiences are made less accurate. 

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