A Timeline of Amazon Ads: Acronyms and Ad Names

Amazon doesn’t make it easy to find information about their advertising platform. While they do have a blog and some resources, unlike Google Ads, there isn’t an expansive library of resources to answer simple questions about the platform like: “What’s the difference between Amazon DSP and display ads?” That’s why we made this timeline of Amazon Advertising. 

If you’re an advertiser trying to navigate the sea of outdated info online: you’re not alone. Amazon has used a plethora of acronyms over the years. On top of that, they have merged certain platforms and features under different names. 

Save this timeline of Amazon Ads and use it anytime you need to research Amazon online. It’s a great pocket guide for clearing up any confusion:

Trying to find answers to your Amazon-related questions is a challenge. Is this article current? What is this acronym? 

Hopefully this timeline of Amazon Ads makes your life a little easier! If you want a more in-depth look at the history of Amazon, check out our blog: The (Complicated) History of Amazon Advertising.

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