How Sales Are Attributed Across Platforms [Infographic]

It’s the cardinal rule of online advertising: you can’t optimize your campaigns if you have no idea how each platform is attributing sales. So how can you attribute campaign sales?

You know at least some of your campaigns are successful, but which ones – and which products are they influencing? Are they creating maximum profit? We could fill an entire e-book with lessons we’ve learned about campaign attribution across the thousands of campaigns we’ve managed (in fact, we did!) but you’re busy. You haven’t got time to read the whole thing!

Here’s the answer: a visual guide to attributing campaign sales across four major marketing channels: paid ads, email/direct/organic traffic (tracked via Google Analytics), Amazon Advertising, and paid social. Solve the mystery of your missing sales below!


You’ll Learn…

  • How Google Ads attributes sales;
  • The difference between last-click and assisted attribution in Google Analytics;
  • How Amazon’s attribution differs from other platforms; and
  • How paid social attribution can incorrectly inflate sales

For a more in-depth look at sales attribution, check out our ebook here! 

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