The Anatomy of Successful Google Shopping Product Titles [Infographic]

There’s a science to writing Google Shopping product titles: and we’ve broken it down for you into a quick 5-minute infographic—so you can start improving your titles today!

According to Google, you should use your title to “clearly identify the product you’re selling”— and it’s true! The only way a shopper can find your products initially is by what they type into their search bar.  If your title doesn’t align with what your customers are typing into that search bar, you are missing out. These tips will help you reach those customers—and in particular customers who know exactly what they want to buy.

Ready to get specific with your titles? Ready to reach highly-qualified customers? Dive into The Anatomy of Successful Google Shopping Product Titles below.

Now you are equipped with all the tools you need to start writing successful Google Shopping product titles! Remember to be specific and relevant to your shoppers. A good rule of thumb is to describe your product to the customer like the image isn’t there. They can’t see the color, the fabric, the size, so you need to write out all those details for them. If you need some help assessing your product titles: get a free product feed analysis. 

Or, if you’re ready to implement these fixes in your product feed, head on over and watch our walk-through, webinar Product Feed Fixes for Increased Profit. 


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