[Webinar] Fix Your Shopping Feed to Increase Profit

New Year, New Feed

Campaign structure is important, but the best foundation for a profitable Google Shopping strategy is a solid product feed. 

However, many retailers simply fail to make the most of their product feed. Furthermore, their Google Shopping structure is far too broad, and doesn’t allow spend to be redirected to profitable products.

With sub-optimal data being passed to the Google Shopping engine, and with non-optimized campaigns, it’s no surprise the results aren’t  either.

Watch as Omnitail’s founder Matt Stover explores common product feed missteps, and outlines how you can make a few simple changes to your product feed and campaign structure to grow revenue and profit.

In This Webinar, We Cover...

Common product feed quality issues and how to overcome them

 Merging key data like SKU-level cost-of-goods into your product feed

Why you shouldn’t use the most common Google Shopping structure – and how you should build campaigns instead

Ongoing feed optimizations you can make to continually grow revenue and profit

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New Year, New Product Feed:

Building a Stronger Feed for a More Profitable 2020

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