[Infographic] Amazon DSP vs Amazon Sponsored Display

If you want to run display ads on Amazon, you have two options: Amazon DSP and Sponsored Display Ads. But which type of display ad makes sense for your business? 

In this infographic, you’ll get a quick overview of each option including: 

  • Placements 
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Creative requirements
  • Attribution models
  • Targeting options

If you want a more in-depth look at the difference, check out our blog: What’s the Difference Between Sponsored Display and Amazon DSP?

amazon dsp infographic

We hope this infographic helps you decide which type of display ads are best for your business on Amazon! 

As we covered, Amazon DSP has higher barriers to entry than Amazon Sponsored Product Ads. However, if you already meet the eligibility requirements, it might be a good option to help you scale your Amazon Advertising. 

On the other hand, Sponsored Display Ads have a lower barrier to entry, but fewer options when it comes to placements and targeting. For most businesses, Sponsored Display Ads will be a suitable option. Like we said, though, if you can use Amazon DSP, consider trying it out! 

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