10 New Google Ads Features from 2020 [Infographic]

In times of adversity and change, we really discover who we are and what we’re made of.” – Howard Schultz (Previous CEO of Starbucks)

Do you think this quote is true? For Google, this quote certainly is—as Google faced both change and adversity in 2020 that led to massive updates!

Change: COVID brought change for everyone—but ecommerce businesses saw positive change. Despite COVID, big tech firms (including Google) added $163 Billion to their market values. 

Adversity: Google continues to adapt to be more privacy focused practices, as the anti-trust investigation continues. 

Both of these factors led to significant 2020 Google Ads updates! Do you think these changes have helped Google grow, or are the updates a set back? We’ll let you decide for yourself with this infographic featuring 10 New Google Ads updates from 2020:

10 google ads updates 2020

What Do These New Google Ads Features Mean for You?

Google Ads made many updates and changes this year—but these are the changes we think will impact your business the most. From changes to reporting in analytics (including the most recent Google Analytics 4 update), to new lead forms on YouTube—Google made changes across all of their ads platforms.

If you sell on Google Shopping, you saw some hard-hitting changes like free organic listings this year. As ecommerce growth soared due to the shift toward digital shopping, Google put a lot of effort into improving their ecommerce platform. For a more in-depth look at Google Shopping updates, check out our blog 2020 Google Shopping Updates. 

So what do these new Google Ads features mean for your business? Like we Howard Schultz said, times of adversity and change show us what we’re really made of. If you keep up with these updates and adapt to them, your business is sure to keep evolving and growing too!

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Sydney is a Marketing Specialist at Omnitail. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from George Mason University. Sydney enjoys working on a variety of design projects and and staying up to date with digital marketing trends.

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