Target ROAS Automated Bidding on Google Ads [Infographic]

Not sure which automated bidding strategy to use on Google Ads? In this infographic, we’ll take a close look at one of your options: Target ROAS automated bidding.

You’ll learn what Target ROAS is, when to use it, and how to manage it. Check out the infographic below and see if this bidding strategy is a good fit for your business goals: 

Target ROAS is automated bidding that gives you slightly more control when it comes to your ad spend (compared to other automated bidding strategies), while also saving you time with management.

By setting profit-driven ROAS targets, you can ensure your bids are profitable. While manual bidding certainly ultimately gives you the most control, Target ROAS is a good middle-of-the-road option for advertisers who want to try out automated bidding on Google Ads. 

Still not sure if Target ROAS is a good fit for your business? Check out our white paper, “Grow Profit on Google Ads: Automated Bidding Strategies”. Inside, you’ll learn about each of the different automated bidding strategies available on Google Ads. 

If you want the control of manual bidding and the time saved from using automated bidding, Omnitail can help you realize the full potential of your manual campaigns. Simply reach out to speak with an analyst. Then, we’ll discuss your goals and find key areas where you have room to grow! 

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