Ask a Marketer: What is Connected TV Advertising?

What is connected TV advertising? We explore the topic in this post.

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In the advertising world, connected TV (CTV) advertising delivers targeted video ads to viewers who access content through smart TVs, gaming devices (like Xbox/PlayStation), streaming services (like Hulu or Netflix) and streaming devices (like ROKU or Fire Stick). The appeal of CTV advertising lies in its ability to precisely target audiences based on their preferences and interests, which provides a more personalized experience when compared to traditional TV ads.

While CTV advertising is extremely effective for brand awareness, it’s also utilized for retargeting to reconnect with viewers and prompt them to take an additional action on their path to purchase.

CTV ads also come with a lower price tag than traditional linear TV ads; they run an average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of $35-$65, which means advertisers don’t have to spend a lot upfront like they would with other types of traditional TV advertising.

CTV ads might be good for your brand if:

  • You want an advertising option that can blend seamlessly—at a low upfront cost—with other digital marketing channels

  • You desire precise audience targeting to ensure ad relevance for specific demographics, interests, and behaviors

  • You’re looking for a method that enables you to get in front of your audience on a larger screen while they’re engaging with other streaming media

  • You require real-time tracking and analysis of campaign performance
    You want to expand your reach to a broader audience

  • You want to expand your reach to a broader audience

To learn more about how marketers use CTV advertising in their everyday work life, check out our “Vocab for Marketers” post on the topic.

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