Automated Bidding Strategies in Google Ads [Infographic]

There three automated bidding strategies for Google Shopping: Enhanced CPCMaximize Clicks, and Target ROAS. In this infographic, you’ll get a quick summary of each. You will also learn when it’s best to use one type of bidding over the other (and when you shouldn’t each of these options)! Find out which strategy is best for your business below:

Have a little more time? To see automated bidding strategies in action, check out our page “Automated Bidding Strategies: What Are They and Should You Use Them?” You’ll get hands on with scenarios of each type of automated bidding to understand how they will act in your campaigns.

We hope this infographic helped you decide which strategy will help your business succeed! Which automatic bidding strategy did you choose? For more info on each strategy, check out the links below to get a more thorough explanation of each:

Enhanced CPC Bidding 

Maximize Clicks  

Target ROAS 

Still feeling stumped when it comes to bidding? Check out our page “How to Bid on Google Shopping“. You’ll become a master of bidding on Google Shopping here. Manual bidding, automated bidding, optimizing bids, account maintenance and more—you won’t need another guide to bidding! It’s all here.

If you need help setting up a bidding strategy for your campaigns, don’t hesitate to reach out to speak to an Omnitail analyst today! 

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