Google Ads Automated Bidding: Maximize Clicks [Infographic]

Learn the basics of Maximize Clicks automated bidding for Google Ads in this quick infographic. You’ll learn what it is, when to use it, how to manage it, and how to make adjustments for Maximize Clicks automated bidding. 

Check out the infographic below: 

maximize clicks infographic

Overall, we don’t typically recommend using this automated bidding strategy. Maximize Clicks is designed to help increase traffic to your website. However, the quality of that traffic isn’t controlled. Simply increasing traffic isn’t a great measure of success, and probably won’t help you be more profitable. The way to increase your profitability is by actually driving sales—not just traffic. 

While running Maximize Clicks is better than having no bidding strategy at all, we recommend using a different automated bidding strategy (assuming manual bidding isn’t an option.) The other automated bidding options have a key advantage over Maximize Clicks. They use AI to factor in the likelihood of an actual sale, not just a click—which is most likely more valuable to your business.

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