[Infographic] A Visual Guide to Dynamic Bidding on Amazon

Wondering if you should use Dynamic bidding on Amazon? Dynamic bidding automatically adjusts your bids depending on the likelihood of a conversion. It takes into consideration the relevance of the keyword a shopper is searching for and the placement where you ad will appear. 

There are two types of Dynamic Bidding: 

  • Dynamic Bidding (Down Only) 
  • Dynamic Bidding (Up and Down) 

Outside of Dynamic Bidding, advertisers can choose to use Fixed bidding—which does not automatically adjust according to external factors. 

In this infographic, we will cover down only, up and down, and Fixed Bidding. Find out which type of bidding you should use: 

That’s the basics of Fixed Bidding vs. Dynamic Bidding on Amazon. Dynamic bidding isn’t the only factor you will have to consider when creating a bidding strategy on Amazon, though. You’ll also need to consider placements, targeting, types, keywords, and more. 

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After you create a personalized bidding strategy for your business, you’ll also need to account for commission when bidding on Amazon. Check out our blog: How to Account for Amazon Commission When Bidding. 


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