Adapting to Long Sales Cycles on Amazon [Infographic]

If you sell products with a long sales cycle on Amazon, you know Amazon’s lookback window leaves much to be desired. In this infographic, you’ll look at why attribution is tricky on Amazon, and learn how to work around it. Jewelry sellers, high-end retailers—this infographic is for you!

You’re Ready to Take On Long Sales Cycles on Amazon!

Now that you know why long sales cycles don’t always get along with Amazon attribution—it’s time to apply this to your own campaigns! If you want to get more experience, check out our whitepaper “Amazon Attribution: An Insider’s Guide”. We’ll show you how to account for delays and make data-driven adjustments despite the reporting lag-time. These are hands-on changes you can make in your account today—to start driving real profit.

Our Amazon strategy doesn’t end with attribution, either! See how we scaled one retailer’s Amazon program profitably  – and doubled the monthly revenue run rate!

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