How to Segment Google Shopping Queries [Infographic]

With the current rise in ecommerce sales, and recent changes to the Google Shopping platform, it is (now more than ever) important to remain competitive on Google Shopping. However, this doesn’t simply mean increasing your bids — it means directing spend in a sophisticated and purposeful way.

Query segmentation is the answer.

We’ve found that a 3-tiered approach is the best way to get your products in front of the shoppers who are ready to purchase. This approach quantifies the level of buyer intent for keywords, and gives you guidelines to bid accordingly on Google Shopping. High intent = the shopper is more likely to purchase your product = you should bid higher! It sounds like common sense – but the reality, is that most businesses (and agencies!) do not segment in this way.

Get an overview of the 3-Tiered approach to segmenting Google Shopping queries below. As you read through this infographic, try to think of how your business could apply this approach. What’s an example of a generic query for your business? And are you bidding too high for lower-intent queries? What about qualified, and item-specific? Let’s get started:

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You’ll Learn…

  • The 3-tiered approach the segmenting queries
  • The different values of generic, qualified, and specific queries;
  • 2 different ways to segment queries;
  • And the most effective way to apply bids to each query.

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