Smart Shopping vs. Standard Campaigns: What’s the Difference? [Infographic]

Should you use Smart Shopping Campaigns or standard campaigns? It can be a tough decision for advertisers! Standard campaigns give you a lot more control over everything, while Smart Shopping campaigns are designed to save you time. So which is best for your business? We put together this quick infographic to compare the main differences between Smart Shopping campaigns and standard campaigns to help you decide. 

In this infographic we’ll compare bidding strategies, ad placements, campaign structure, and measurement. Let’s dive in! 

So which campaign type looks best for your business? Even though Smart Shopping campaigns can save you time in some areas, they still require a certain degree of management. Standard campaigns on the other hand, will give you more control and insights into your account performance—at the cost of more time invested in your campaigns. 

No matter which type of campaign you choose, Omnitail can make it work for your business. See how we ran Smart Shopping campaigns for Saint Bernard and grew profit 63% in this case study. 

Still not sure which is best for your business? Reach out to speak with an analyst today. 


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