Why You Should Run Sponsored Brands on Prime Day

running sponsored brands ads on prime day

What are you doing to prepare for the biggest Amazon selling days of the year? Have you considered running Sponsored Brands on Prime Day? 

If you’re already running Sponsored Products or Sponsored Display — that’s great! Those advertisements will help you drive traffic and conversions on Prime Day. However, Sponsored Brands have some key advantages when it comes to boosting your Prime Day sales.

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1. Long Attribution Window

Sponsored Products have a 7-day attribution window, while Sponsored Brands have a 14-day attribution window.

Sponsored Products only have a 7-day attribution window — but Sponsored Brands have a 14-day attribution window! While it’s still a little short, this extra lookback time could help you assign credit to your ads that impact your Prime Day sales. When you know which ads influenced your Prime Day sales, you can then use that data for future Prime Days and to improve your overall account performance. 

Why is a longer attribution window important?  
Sponsored Products will only attribute sales within the 7 days leading up to Prime Day. Sponsored Brands give you 14 days.

In the month leading up to Prime Day, most shoppers will window-shop. Users tend to look at many items to get ideas about what they want to buy on Prime Day. Whether or not those products are running sales, they might still wait until Prime Day to purchase because of the perceived extra value of purchasing during the sale.

Because of that, you’ll probably get a lot of clicks on your ads at the beginning or middle of the month. If a shopper clicks on a Sponsored Products at the beginning of the month and then purchases on Prime Day — your ad will not get credit for the sale. 

Why won’t my ad get credit for the sale? 

Because the attribution window only goes back 7 days. Sponsored Brands, on the other hand, have a 14-day lookback window. This is still a short lookback window, but at least you’ll capture more attributable clicks on your ads!

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2. Increased Volume from Brand Halo

Looking to increase volume on Prime Day? Sponsored Brands have a special trick up their sleeve to help you out: The brand halo.

Here’s How the Brand Halo Works 

Imagine you are running advertising campaigns for Yamaha. For Prime Day, you run an ad for your Yamaha electric guitars. When someone clicks on your ad, the 14-day attribution window begins. Within that 14-day window, all purchases of Yamaha brand products (such as speakers, keyboards, or acoustic guitars) from your store will be attributed to your ad.

If you need to increase volume, Sponsored Brands can be a powerful asset on Prime Day. 

How to Successfully Run Sponsored Brands on Prime Day

A longer attribution window and the brand halo are two key advantages of Sponsored Brands that can help you boost your sales on Prime. When you run these ads, try to include relevant keywords from past Prime Days in your Sponsored Brands campaigns.

How do you include relevant keywords?  
Look at keywords that have performed well during past Prime Days and apply those keywords to your campaigns this year.

Use historical data and look at dates for past Prime Days. Unfortunately, Amazon reporting only goes back 60 days, so you will have had to already downloaded your historical data to access this information. Here are the dates for the past few years to help you out: 

  • 2022: July 12-13
  • 2021: June 21-22
  • 2020: October 13-14 
  • 2019: July 15-16

Sometimes, certain keywords perform particularly well on Prime Day — keywords that may not be as effective during the rest of the year. Use these highly-specific keywords to increase the success of your ads, and make sure you increase bids for these keywords that have historically performed well! 

If you do not have historical search terms from past sales, look at which keywords have performed well in recent history and increase bids for those. 

Try Running Sponsored Brands on Prime Day 

We hope you try running Sponsored Brands on Prime Day! If you do, let us know if these tips helped you increase your Prime Day sales. 

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