Ask a Marketer: How is Omnitail Handling the GA4 Migration?

In short, we’re handling it with tact and attention to detail.

Google announced the sunset date of Universal Analytics a little over a year ago. Since then, we’ve taken a proactive approach and updated our proprietary reporting so that all our clients (current, new, and future) are prepared and know what to expect from Omnitail with the switch from UA to GA4. Even with this last push toward UA sunset on July 1, we’re here to help answer any questions and concerns throughout the process, and explain how we are handling the migration to make sure all our client accounts operate as smoothly as possible.

How are YOU handling the migration? Are you ready? You can (and should) quickly migrate to GA4 on your own before the July 1 deadline. Rest assured, here are a few ways we’re approaching the UA sunset and migration to GA4.

  • Reporting & Optimizations Won’t Blip. Our proprietary technology allows us to use automation to tackle manual and tedious tasks, as well as provide to clients our unique profit-driven reporting. Since we learned of the UA sunset date, we’ve been working hard to ensure our reporting is set up correctly to use clients’ GA4 data so we can continue to serve you at the world-class level you’ve come to know and trust.
  • New GA4 Reporting Approaches. We’ve implemented new KPI reporting that helps you — and our expert team — approach GA4 the right way. Universal Analytics has always used last non-direct click attribution; however, with GA4, you can select your own attribution model, and our new reporting approach reflects the GA4 attribution of YOUR choice.
  • Updated Revenue Data Directly from the Source. We’ve updated our reporting to allow for revenue data to come from GA4, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads platforms to continue to offer our unique, profit-driven approach to analysis and optimizations. This ensures that we continue to provide you with the revenue information you need, despite GA4 not providing a full impact A+LC revenue model.

When you partner with us for any digital marketing need — including your GA4 migration — we’ll walk you through the process and make sure everything is set up correctly so you don’t have to worry. Stay tuned for more information on the GA4 migration and exciting new updates from Omnitail.

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