[Infographic] Target CPA Bidding on Google Ads

Thinking of trying automated bidding on Google Ads? Google Ads has a handful of automated bidding strategies for advertisers to choose from: Maximize Conversions, Maximize Clicks, Target Impression Share, Target ROAS, Maximize Conversion Value, and Target CPA. 

In this infographic, we will explore Target CPA (cost-per-action). You’ll learn when to use this bidding strategy, how to manage it, and how to make adjustments. 

Is Target CPA a Good Fit for Your Campaigns? 

Target CPA has a low barrier to entry—which makes this bidding strategy a good option if you want to try out automated bidding. If you’re new to using automated bidding, consider using this strategy. 

While we typically recommend using Target ROAS bidding in most situations, sometimes search campaigns do not have enough conversions to use Target ROAS. If you have campaigns with low conversions, Target CPA can help you increase volume in a controlled manner, as opposed to simply raising bids across the board.

Learn More About Automated Bidding on Google Ads

We hope this infographic helps you decide whether or not this bidding strategy is a good fit for your business. 

If you want to learn more about driving profit using automated bidding, check out our white paper: Grow Profit with Google Ads. Inside, we cover our strategy for using Google Ads’ automated bidding strategies for growing profit. 

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