Use Google Shopping Data on Amazon [Infographic]

Did you know you can use your Google Shopping data on Amazon (and vice versa)?

If you sell on Google Shopping:
You might be considering selling on Amazon too! Good news—it’s actually very easy to carry over your existing sales data and apply it to Amazon. You’ll get a leg up on the competition, and a head start setting up your account with these shortcuts.

If you sell on Amazon:
If you want to expand to Google Shopping, you can do the same! Ready to use your Google Shopping data on Amazon? Start maximizing the potential of your ecommerce business by expanding your reach!

Not sure which platform is better for your business? Get the breakdown of the pros and cons for Amazon and Google Shopping here.


In this infographic, you’ll learn…

How to use the Benchmark Pricing Report and Buy Box Report to improve sales across platforms

How to carry over successful keywords from Amazon to Google and vice versa

How you can use top sellers from Google to run promotions on Amazon

use google shopping data on amazon infographic

Use Cross-Channel Insights to Skyrocket Profit

Now you know how to use Google Shopping data on Amazon—and Amazon data on Google!  Now it’s time to make sure both platforms are set up to reduce wasted spend—and skyrocket your profit.

Don’t skip the small stuff—it makes all the difference.

Both of these guides are assembled from out experience managing millions of products across both platforms. We help our clients build their campaigns from the ground up on Google and Amazon—and want to help you do the same!

Need help using cross-channel data?

If you need help with the tedious tasks, or help building a strategy that grows your business years into the future, contact us now. 


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